The pain is setting in

Its amazing, such a wonderful and awesome experiance to be part of creating another human and yet its riddled with pain, well God did say it would as per
Genesis 3:16
To the woman He said: “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you.”

My feet hurt and feel swollen, tummy has perpetual tummy cramps and why am I still spoting blood every now and then?

All I can do is just keep the faith, think positive and do my part.

So, today, thus far I've had

A glass of fresh milk
5 peeled almonds
5 unleavened bread with a bowl of mixed pureed green veg and a bowl of spiced veg (peas, carrots and patotoes)
1 tablet of 5mg folic acid

What's left?
4 cashew nuts
4 pistachios
4 walnuts
2 figs
handful of raisins

2 slices of bread with a glass of fresh milk

and lastly dinner.....goodness! do i feel like a caterpillar.

Last night, Chetan and I spoke about Couvade, I explained the syndrome to him as in the past few days he's been showing symptoms and reassured him that its perfectly normal...think one of the article's I read quoted that between 80-90% of Daddy's-to-be experiance it, also I informed him how long it would last ie till the birth of the child...and motivated him to keep calm, as we address his concerns. He's worried for me, he wants the baby soooo much that he's getting anxiety attacks in fear of a miscarriage and getting rather protective. We'll take it one step at a time, God allowed us to get this far, so I am supposing that we would get through till the end.

We're planning to go to the doctor's this weekend, and following that I hope to call my parents who are in malaysia and break the good news....perhaps it would give them some sunshine in these very trying days that they are experiancing...and some hope that we would visit and bring their grandchild over next year. Daddy just loves kids and this would mean so much to him.

Sushil, my youngest brother sent us some photo's of the family in Malaysia, and it just caused me to breakdown in tears, i miss the attention of my, dad, brothers. I've kept away from calling or seeing too much of their pictures to keep homesickness at bay...I've gotta focus on what's at hand...marriage, settling in, building this relationship and working at having a child...and now, I need to monitor these 9 months....can't afford to feel sad and homesick...and once that is done, I'll need to pray for and work on getting money either through publishing books that have been written or by securing a high earning job...then I can not only help build the family here but also in malaysia and for the extension of the Lord's I type all these to do list, I hear a gentle whisper saying...all in God's time.

Right! Now that I've gotten all this off my chest, as I have no friends to talk to and I think this is a good lesson that I've been thought, it is better to talk to God and then you'll have peace and acceptance and the Spirit would talk to you instead of another person who could just instigate you or give you wrong advise without any malice.

Anyhow, its time to listen to Discover the Word over RBC Ministries.