The Waiting Game:

I went off the pill because I couldn't afford it, got my period a couple of days after stopping the pill as usually happens once a month. The last day of that period was on March 7, 2011. It is now May 4, 2011 and I have still not gotten another period. A couple weeks into April my breasts got really sore especially my nipples and I had some light bleeding and TERRIBLE cramps. By light I mean barley anything just pinkish when I wiped. I thought for sure that was the start of my period. A week later I got the worst backache I've ever had in my life that was centralized in my lower back and lasted for days. I thought then for SURE it was going to be my period. Then came the constipation and nauseous feelings at night. It was only then that I realized how late my period actually was so I took a HPT that came out negative. I figured I wasn't preggo and moved on with life. weeks later after still not getting my period and two more negative HPT later I'm not sure what to do. I'm scheduled to go to the doctor tomorrow for a blood test. My period has never been late the whole 5 years I've been getting them. It's always a 28-30 day cycle no more no less. Is there any chance I might be pregnant? I would be severely disappointed at this point to find out otherwise.

ps. I don't get PMS ever, I've never gotten cramps, sore breasts, backaches, or anything when I get my period so all of it is out of the ordinary for me.