The Waiting Game(s)

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The timer has been set and the waiting begins...

It seems as if that is all I've been doing recently - waiting.

I've been waiting to see if I'll actually be late or not; waiting to see if we'll get the house in Alabama or not; waiting waiting waiting.

It's annoying really. Truly, truly bothersome. I know I have to be patient and I know that this may not be 'it' since hubby and I just started trying to conceive #4 but it still seems to be horrifically nerve wracking to simply sit and wait.

Perhaps it is because this time we are trying in earnest or because there is so much else happening at the same time but I continually feel the need to just scream at someone that, yes, we're trying and no, we're not crazy - will you wait with me?

Yet for various reasons, I remain silent, waiting on my own with encouragements and supports from hubby when he has the five second break at work to give them.


I hate waiting...