The Whole Journey

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After only 18 months of being on birth control pills (five different types), I have given up on it. The first two gave me unbearable cramps and sore breasts. The third one made me a total emotional wreck for half the month. The fourth and fifth gave me migraines every day. Dh and I really thought long and hard about the choice to go off of it. We have been married a little over 5 months, and because of my age (32), we want to start TTC in the next few months. That's the background, which leads me to today.

My last pill was on Monday (1/19). So far no migraines. I feel a little "headachy", but nothing I can't handle. The main thing is hot flashes. Holy tuna...I have hot flashes. I also feel more energetic and very "normal".

I am taking prenatal vitamins (the ones from Costco), vitamin C, flaxseed, and calcium. I have dh on a similar regimen. I am overweight (260 on a 5'9" frame). So is dh. I am going to try to lose weight before we actually TTC, but it's been hard the last few months with the migraines.