There I go!

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Did I find myself worrying over absence of symptoms couple of days ago? Well! There I go. As if God was waiting to say 'Tathastu' (for the second time ;) )!! Now it is not just evening fatigue. The fatigue stays almost ALL day. I wake up with weakness. Slightest of activity leaves me tired and wanting to shut up and sit. I couldn't stand up and speak yesterday (first day of the semester) during the lecture. I cancelled the second half! How am I going to manage? Had all sorts of thoughts yesterday. Right from leaving job which is totally impractical financially, to hiring a driver to atleast make my journey to and fro easy.

DH says I should drive to college and back. But I am so weak the whole time that I don't feel confident of driving! I am sluggish even when I walk.

I woke up today feeling queasy as I lay on my back. The feeling eased out when I shifted to my side. Was very sleepy at work too. Am having bland food the whole day. Wheat bread and tea, bread and butter, sandwich etc. Spices and similar flavours make me nauseous. The symptoms are increasing day by day.

Even if this trauma ends by end of first trimester, it is very difficult to sustain till then. I have only finished 6 weeks!

God, need your help now.