These first few weeks

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So this is the second child and boy is it a different pregnancy. I maybe had 3 boughts of nausea the first time and never really experienced any other symptoms. This time nausea has become my best friend, I get nautious constantly, but luckily these past few days it has been going away, hopefully this is the end of the nausea. I can't eat either, I remember having a few food items that would make me nautious, but this time I can only eat what I am craving or I feel like I am going to get sick, I tried a bite of steak and immediatley had to spit it out! I LOVE STEAK! Sad OH, and speaking of cravings yeah they are definately more intense this time! The only thing I craved last time was french fries, but this time it has been sweets, sweets, and more sweets, and fried chicken, oh and mashed potatoes with brown gravy from KFC! I can't eat any kind of meat, but fried chicken! So much for trying to eat right! i have been living off of cereal with fiber (don't even make me go there!), yogurt, and sweets. Not a great diet, but its all I can eat. So now for the fiber, BOY has the constipation struck! I didn't even know that was a symptom of pregnancy but boy do I know it now! I bought some fiber one cereal and it seems to have helped since we can't have any type of anti-constipation medicine! Oh and then theres the gas, golly I swear I have never had so much gas in my life, and I have gastrointestinal problems! Oh well at least now its finding its way out and not causing me stomach pain like normal! Good thing about all of this is though. . . by the old wives tales, it must be a girl! WOO HOO! Can't wait to dress her in a pretty dress and hairbow! My little 2 year old keeps telling me he wants a baby brother, well too bad he has two step-brothers and I'm getting my girl!