This thing you call sleep

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Sleep has been a little fitful the last few nights. I've been told this trend will continue for the next few years. Beautiful. Turns out I really like my sleep. Who would have imagined?! As I sit thinking during the day about how sleepy I am I can't help but think - hey I'm constructing a head and some organs I should get to take a nap! And my mind starts to create plans as to how to accomplish this without anyone catching on.

1-Sick days? No that won't work, I'll need all of those. Besides, I'm not sick just pooped.

2-Sleeping while peeing? I could sneak in to the bathroom and take a short rest. People may become concerned though if I stay in the stall too long.

3-Under my desk? If the floor was not dirty...or if I did not see bugs in my office on a regular basis the floor would be a viable option.

4-Lunch time siesta? This may be the only real option, but that interferes with the EATING part of lunch.

Hey sesame, mommy needs to get through the work week unscathed okay? I promise you lots of naps on the weekend.