Third pregnancy woes

So i've had a feeling a few months ago that i may be pregnant. went to the dr.... not pregnant. about two months ago i took a test.... negative. then about 3.5 weeks ago i took two more because the first one came out positive! i KNEW my body was revolting for some reason. lol. anyway, at this juncture i've estimated myself to be anywhere between 3-8wks pregnant... most likely the latter.
So i'm puttering along and get a uti. with no medical yet and no money, after about 4 days of mostly drinking water (couldn't afford cranberry juice) my tummy got a really sharp, sour feeling near my kidneys. we called the ambulance and i was strolled along to the hospital about an hour and a half later..... (it was bs). at the hospital they sent in an ultrasound tech for pictures (yay!) well, when i saw the baby i told her "WOW, that baby looks big and developed for only being 8 weeks or less", she looked at me and said "oh no, honey, you're about 11.5 wks. HOLY SHIT!! Pardon my french, but over two weeks off?!?!?!?!!?!? so, with the new news of our expecting family expecting sooner than we thought, i got on the phone and started making appointments. things have been rough, of course. homeless, carless, careerless and traipsing around with a lead ball sitting between my hips and feeling like i have a 12 ft tapeworm or some other parasite feeding off of me, i'm hanging in there. we can only move upward from here! and he may be a parasite, but he's my wittle pain in the neck parasite. lol