Three-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Father -- Tragic Reminder About Gun Safety

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In the News: Tragic Reminder Why Gun Safety is Important

Gun SafetyIt was a typical family weekend for one family in Indiana. 33-year-old Michael Payless brought his gun to a home he was renovating in Salem. While watching TV with two of his children, his three-year-old son found the loaded gun and it accidentally discharged, killing Michael. No one else was hurt.

State police say it was a "tragic mistake" having a loaded gun within a child's reach. "The child accidentally discharged the loaded handgun. Michael A. Payless was pronounced dead at the scene," an Indiana state police statement stated.

This tragic story could have been easily prevented by keeping the gun out of the child’s reach!

This three-year-old boy will now live the rest of his life knowing he killed his own father.

No matter how many times and ways he is reassured it was an accident, and not his fault, he will still have to live with knowing that he did it.

His mother and siblings will have a lot to deal with and adjust to as well.

Hopefully, this tragedy can serve as a cautionary tale and teaching moment for other parents. We should all be reminded to practice appropriate gun safety and never, ever, leave a gun within a child's reach.

Do you own a gun? How do you keep it safe from your kids? How does this news item make you feel about guns and gun safety?