To be or not to be...

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That does seem to be the ultimate question for a woman as she tries to conceive. Are these symptoms I'm feeling pregnancy related or period related? Hmm.. only time will tell. Unfortunately I'm not a patient person so I've been sitting on pins & needles waiting for my period to come - nothing yet.

Before I ever started taking birth control pills my period functioned like clock work every month, always starting in the morning (what a happy thing to wake up to) and 28 days apart. About every 3 months I would have a short cycle of 24-25 days or a long cycle of 30 or 31 days.
Since going off of the pill at the end of August my periods have been 25 days the first month, 26 days the second month.. and based off of that average I should have started my period on the 12th. It's now the 14th and nothing. Day 28 - Nothing. I took an hpt on tuesday evening which was definitely too soon to tell but there was a VERY faint pink line indicating positive. I definitely want to wait a few more days before taking another one but now my mind is racing. Am I pregnant? I know the anxiety isn't good for my body as it will only postpone the inevitable period - should there be one this month.

I haven't really had any of the listed symptoms that happen at the onset of implantation... except these last two days (Thurs & Fri) my body temperature has been extremely irregular. Lots of ups and downs. Yesterday I was nauseated all day. I don't want to read into the things that I think are happening because I'd hate to convince myself that I'm pregnant when I'm really not.

Anyway - my dilema right now is whether or not to wait until this comind Tuesday to take another test or if I should just take one tomorrow when I wake up. Decisions!

Thanks for letting me rant. Blogs are good for that. ~ Jennifer