To young?

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So I have this fear that people will judge us because we are so young and trying to have our third baby. Well not really a fear because I honestly don't care what people think about it. Its our decision and it's one that we have thought through. We have a plan and for the most part we can stick to a plan, if the military lets us. We just know what we want out of our lives together. We love our family and we want to make it bigger before he deploys. And it's not like we can't support our family. We don't live off anybody but our selves. We have been on our own since we turned 18 and had our first child. Then the military came along and made it a little easier in some places and a little harder in others. Ok this got a little out of hand and way off topic but I guess I needed to vent a little bit. I think I'll write aother blog when I've had just a little bit of sleep.