Today we are blessed

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So yesterday, something felt like it changed inside. I knew there could be a chance of a little baby growing inside my belly, but didn't know for sure.

So on my lunch break, I drove to the store and bought a Early Pregnancy Test. I took it home and waited for the results.

When the blue dye made that plus sign, my heart skipped a beat. The overwhelming feeling of joy and fear took over. For some reason all I wanted to do was take the test apart and make sure it was accurate.

This being the second time I have gotten pregnant, deep down I knew the test was correct. Since I had only missed one period, I figure I am about 4 weeks along.

What a wonderful feeling to find out I will be having another precious baby 2 days before Christmas. One of the best gifts ever!

Telling my boyfriend was easier than I thought it was going to be. After a few minutes and couple 100 "wow's". He took the news very well.

I could see the fear in his face, not of having a baby but worried about being a daddy. This will be his first child and I know he will be a wonderful father.

We haven't told our family, since we only found out our selves. A trip to the doctor to confirm what we both already know and a couple days of the two of us being in on the very best secret!

Happy Holidays ~ Ill fill you in on the details after Santa makes a visit to my 7 year old Smile