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Well tomorrows the day! Lol, the day I see if my period really is going to happen or not. I didn't have a period FORVER not last month but the month before. I had a forever period and a forever not period until my husband came home, then I was normal again. That speaks to how stressful it was to have him gone for 2 months! Makes me wonder if it was more than stress that contributed. What if I don't have a period for forever again? I don't WANNA go to the doctors until Im pregnant! I always chicken out! So Im hoping for either my period or a positive pregnancy test. If not, next month me and my hubby will actually try to get pregnant when Im fertile. Again, Im worried about working around chlorine and maybe being pregnant and that causing a mis carriage or lack of fertility or just bad health for a developing baby. It's gunna be hard to quit tho, I really love working there! It's seriously the best working environment I've ever been at! It's nice to know my parents are getting excited now, they weren't really before. Im scared about all this, but also excited and happy. I think I need to just do it, cuz if I don't I'll just want to really bad, and if I do it, it'll be different but rewarding. Chickening out is lame sauce.