Trending Baby Names for 2012

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by Caitlin Stace

In the Spotlight: Trending Baby Names for 2012 Inspired by Hollywood

Baby Names 2012The trending list of the hottest baby names for 2012 has been released by "Nameberry." It's no surprise that Hollywood leads the way as the main inspiration for parents.

While last year's move, "Twilight" might have been the most inspirational, this year's, "Hunger Games" seems to have taken its place. Among the names from the movie and books, Rue, one of the protagonists, is popular, as is Cato, the antagonist. However, Emmett from "Twilight" still remains high on the list.

It goes without saying that as new celebrities' babies are born, so are new trendy names. See which names topped the list in 2011.

Cases in point: Ivy (Beyonce), Weston ("The Office"s Jenna Fischer named her son Weston), Mason (Kourtney Kardashian) which has morphed into Grayson and Gray. Perhaps Grayson derived from the Grayson family of the ultra popular "Revenge" series?

Then there is Adele, which may well be attributed to the pop singer's popularity. Perhaps parents hope that with the same name will come musical talent?

Aria is also trending quickly. Its sudden rise is attributed to ABC Family's teen drama, "Pretty Little Liars." Apparently, the series' popularity soared after the second season.

For those looking for a more androgynous name, Cyrus seems to be fitting the bill. Although it's considered a boy's name, given Miley Cyrus' ever-increasing popularity, we expect this name will be around for both genders for some time.

All we can say is that fads come and go and it isn't as easy as one might think to change your baby's name once you've put it on the birth certificate. I should know -- I did it for my sister once.

While "Seven" (a la Seinfeld) might sound fun for a baby's name at first, unless your parents are rich and famous, maybe you should consider how great that name will be when your child is trying to get through the first day of junior High.

What do you think about these naming trends? How did you choose or are choosing your baby's name? Did you follow traditions or make something up?