Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 39

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April 24

What a scary day for me! But I took it in stride considering I went to another stressful appointment with the final on-call doctor without my husband.

I really do like the 3rd on-call doctor. She is a wonderful lady who did her best to answer my questions. She sat down and explained the last ultrasound to me in more depth. She informed me what they look for in measurements and showed me the graphs they reviewed and explained what they meant. While she did say that a lot of what I was feeling was normal late pregnancy symptoms, she seemed to understand that we have already been through a lot and did her best to make sure I was okay. She didn't check my cerclage either, which was rather frustrating, but she did order a Non-Stress Test for me because my blood pressure was high and wouldn't come down.

This was the first NST I have ever had. It took the nurse a while to find my little girl's heartbeat. I guess my little girl isn't done hiding from heart monitors! When she did find the heartbeat, I wasn't able to lie on my side because she would lose it right away. While lying there on the table, I started to have some contractions. I also started to get very, very uncomfortable. After trying the NST for 20 minutes, they opted to just give me another ultrasound to check on baby.

During the ultrasound, I was still contracting. Anytime they would push on my belly it would hurt. Concerned about the light contractions, and wanting some blood work done quickly on my blood pressure, the on-call doctor asked if I could go to Labor and Delivery for monitoring. I could already feel a little relief from the contractions once they stopped pushing on me, but not wanting to take any chances, I walked across the street to the hospital and checked myself in.

I would have called my husband to be there with me, but he had his own dental appointment to get to at that time. And since he had his cell-phone on him, I figured I could keep him informed and if it got serious, he could come to the hospital.

Once I got to the hospital, they plugged me in to their monitor and were able to find baby's heartbeat without pressing around too much. They took blood samples, monitored my blood pressure (which came down finally) and said that once they get the results of the blood test, they would let me know. It took about 2 hours to get the results and since the contractions settled down after lying down for a couple hours, I was dismissed.

So my husband wouldn't worry, I called him to let him know that I was okay and on my way home. Considering the stress of the situation, I wasn't on the verge of tears or anything. I was just thankful that baby and me were doing well and that nothing serious was found with my high blood pressure.

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