Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 25

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January 10

As pathetic as this sounds I do believe that the stool softeners are my new favorite medicine! After being on the pills for a few days, that ache I was feeling has gone away. Hurray! I am so thankful it wasn't anything serious.

Yesterday was our 18-week ultrasound. I was excited and nervous. I had to meet my husband at the clinic. Of course he was late, but fortunately the ultrasound technician was running early. I asked her if it would be okay to wait until my appointment time in hopes to give my husband time to arrive. She was so nice and said that wouldn't be a problem. Well, the 15 extra minutes passed and my husband wasn’t there yet, but I knew he would be soon so I went in to start the ultrasound without him. The office staff is nice to direct lost husbands to where they are suppose to be so I wasn’t too worried. And fortunately, the technician had to take lots of measurements so it bought my husband time to arrive.

As she was prepping me for the ultrasound, she noticed all the bruises on my belly. I told her not to worry about pressing too hard. The bruises were old bruises because I started to give myself shots in my thighs because my tummy had been too sore. I was thankful for the switch in shot locations because she was having a hard time getting some of the measurements and had to jiggle me around a lot to get the baby to move. And with the baby squirming around, it didn't make her job any easier. When she switched on the audio to hear the heartbeat, we had to hear past her punching my womb. The technician joked with me about the baby doing Tae-Bo!

As we waited for my husband, I asked the technician all my questions about the ultrasound and the development of the baby. She was so helpful in explaining things to me. She stated that this ultrasound was indeed a level two ultrasound. She could tell that the amniotic fluid looked good and that the baby was developing really well.

When my husband finally did enter the room, the technician already knew the gender of our baby but she was holding out until he got there to let us know. I had kept referring to the baby as a he -- probably an old habit I formed since having Gabe. She informed us I would have to change my terminology because we are having a girl. A big grin came across both our faces because we were just excited to see our baby so healthy and active.

When the technician checked my cervix, she said that it has started to shorten but showed no funneling. We both agreed that it was a great thing to have the stitches in place since I was down to 2.4cm. Since they couldn't get a good head shot with the first ultrasound, she managed to take a few more measurements when they checked the stitches. The tech was laughing because this little girl is hiding so low! According to the u/s I am 18wks5d and due June 9th.

The pain I had been experiencing has been increasing but now we know why! This little girl is sitting head down right on top of my cervix! I am rather lucky I think. She could be feet first and using my cervix to practice her kick boxing! I am finding that lying down or reclining all the way back in our chair helps ease the pressure. When I stand up, it comes right back though. So the doctor has recommended that I see a physical therapist because neither he nor I want me to get too weak. I see the Physical Therapist in 11/2 weeks.

So in the meantime, I am to just take it easy, listen to when I start aching and stay on my butt. My husband now knows that he is going to have to help more around the house and I think he is starting to get used to the idea. Thank goodness because I don't know what I would do without him, nor do I know what I would do if he continued to act like a donkey's butt!

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