Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 26

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January 23

Things are going fair here. I still have some moments of discomfort but I am getting Physical Therapy and I think it will help me in the long run. My mother-in-law went with me to my first therapy appointment on Monday.

The physical therapist is a great lady. She went over my history with me. And then she had me do some movements and with a special device measured the range of motion I can do. Then she had me start some simple exercises to get me started. Since I am really weak in my legs and my abdomen, she wanted to double check with the doctor about what restrictions he has for me before we get started on more exercises.

But seeing how weak I am with just simple leg lifts and slides, I know that this will be slow progress. There were some exercises that make my cerclage ache more. I know that these exercises are supposed to help but if it hurts too badly, I won’t do them. I go in today and get a physical exam and I will be sure to talk to the doctor about the discomfort I feel.

My heparin shots have been more work lately. I don't like taking them in my thigh but that is the only place since my belly needs healthy break from shots. My cat doesn't like the shots in my thigh either because she cannot sit in my lap anymore! Poor kitty! She has been so cuddly lately. I know it upsets her that she cannot snuggle with me like she is used too. She gets so stubborn too. I try to discourage her from jumping into my lap but she is sneaky. And when I try to move her, she goes limp to make it more difficult.

Other then that, I have just been watching TV, working on some online projects and doing what I can around the house. My husband has been helping so much lately. And he is opening up more to me too, not only about his job but also about his feelings on the baby. I have to laugh when it was only about one month ago that I was ready to lock him out of the house. The New Year has brought a new beginning for us for sure.