Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 12

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October 26

I officially passed one of the milestones. I made it passed the 7th week miscarriage (loss number 5.) Now I just have to get through the 8th week and the 20-week milestones and I will be able to breathe easier. At least I am hoping I will be able to breathe easier.

I am still spotting and it is starting to concern me more. It has been two weeks since I first noticed spotting. I definitely can tell a sign of how my spotting is related to my activity level. All I have to do is dishes and laundry and I start to spot. While I know it is from the heparin, it is causing me more concerned for when the stitch is in placed.

I have been thinking a lot about the effects of spotting and getting the cerclage. I know I am getting too far ahead of myself, but I am concerned about my spotting since it has been related to my activity level. When I get the stitch, the doctor doesn't want to put me on bedrest but to just take it easy for a few days. If I am still spotting, will it change his mind about bedrest? These are some good questions to ask my doctor when I go in for my next ultrasound.

My bruises have been really sore too. I haven't been able to wear anything with a waistband because the minute I sit or bend over, the waistband digs into my bruises. I have been living in the same two pair of overalls! I have tried to wear some of my skirts by pulling them up above my bruises but my belly isn't big enough to hold them up. So overalls it will be for a while. I should go shopping for more pants. But I won't. If I get pants I can grow into, I won't be able to wear them if I miscarry. If I get more overalls I can wear now, I will outgrow them in a couple of months. Thank goodness I do not have anyone I have to impress! My husband doesn't mind me in my overalls day in and day out.

Now, I just have to remember to keep breathing through the rest of this week and next week. By my next appointment I should have another ultrasound to see my little one. I am finding it useful to tell myself I WILL NOT MISCARRY when I feel myself stressing about it. That affirmation has a great calming effect for me for some reason. I am thinking it is a good sign and I am trying to remain hopeful that number 7 is finally our lucky number!