Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 14

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November 6

Another milestone passed and only one more to go!

Today I went in for my first physical exam and another ultrasound. We also planned on discussing the cerclage as well the progesterone supplements. My husband came with me so he could learn more about what to expect with the cerclage. Plus I was still rather nervous about the ultrasound so his support was greatly appreciated.

I talked to the doctor about some of my concerns regarding the surgery. He explained that I will be under light general anesthesia, the procedure will only take about 20 minutes, and I should be able to go home that day. I was concerned about going under anesthesia for the procedure because I have always had a harsh reaction when waking up. I vomit, I have a hard time breathing, and I am groggy for hours. I was concerned about my reaction putting force on the stitches, but he wasn't too concerned about that. He just said to make sure I talk to the anesthesiologist about my past experiences. I asked about general anesthesia versus a spinal or epidural. Because of the medicine I am taking, it is safer for me to go under general.

At this time, I also confronted my doctor on the extension of taking progesterone. He was comfortable with me taking progesterone through the 10th week and then stopping. I was not comfortable with this decision. I had been looking up everything I could possibly find on the Internet regarding the use of progesterone supplements during pregnancy. Of course this search also made me even more confused. Some sites were saying to stop talking progesterone as early as 8 weeks and the information varied all the way up to 16 weeks as being the appropriate time to discontinue supplements. But my gut was saying to take progesterone up to 12 weeks.

When I asked my doctor if he could give me a prescription for another two weeks, he chuckled at my request. I told him "You can laugh all you want to" because I did not find this request unreasonable. He explained that there is no evidence that the progesterone is even effective after week 10. I explained that what I have read indicated that there was nothing to harm by taking the progesterone a couple weeks longer.

He didn't seem to want to give me the progesterone and he tried to explain further but I insisted and he couldn't argue with my fact that it has not been proven harmful. I was glad to get over that conflict and I was happy that I put my foot down.

As we waited for our turn in the ultrasound room, the nurse brought by a packet of material that looked very familiar to me. In fact, I have received this material a couple times before. The packet includes brochures, small books, forms, and other documents, all-relating to pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. I glanced through the material. Honestly, receiving this packet made me nervous. I have not been able to use much of the information provided in the past, I was scared I wouldn't need this packet either. I packed up all the material and just patiently waited with my husband for our ultrasound.

The ultrasound revealed a strong heartbeat; it was 187 bpm. We even saw arm buds. I was rather relieved to see the heartbeat so strong. I was 9 weeks 3 days since my last menstrual period. And since everything is moving right along, I also got scheduled for my cerclage surgery and pre-operative appointments today.

Wednesday, November 28th, is when I will get the cerclage. They also scheduled me for an appointment two days before surgery. I will be getting another exam and ultrasound.

On our way home, I could feel that my nerves have settled down tremendously. After seeing the ultrasound today and getting scheduled for the cerclage made me smile. I have not been this close to the cerclage before so a part of me is excited that we are facing something new instead of the old disappointment.

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