Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 15

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November 14

Nothing much has changed around here. I am trying my best to get my house cleaned before my in-laws arrive this weekend.

The countdown is on for the cerclage so I feel especially anxious to get my house in order beforehand. Once my in-laws leave, I have a few days until surgery. My husband has already taken the rest of that week off so I am so thankful he will be able to help me out. Since I won't know how it will be until I get to that point, I will just plan on not being able to do much for a few days.

I am also hoping my husband has a long enough network cable so I can move my computer to a place I can lay down for a few days. I was said to rest for at least a day, then to slowly start moving around again. I don't like how we have to play it by ear. I wish my doctor would stick with a plan instead of changing his mind, but I guess that is how it goes.

My doctor started to get hesitant to bedrest me but I know that if I feel anything out of the ordinary, I am going to call him right away and I will bedrest myself with or without his approval! This is another situation in which the material I have read regarding pregnancy contraindicates my doctor's suggestions.

What to do...what to do? I guess it is best I do not get too far ahead of myself. I should just stay busy and enjoy our guests for the holiday.