Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 18

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November 29th

Yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We arrived at the surgery center (outpatient procedures only) an hour and a half before the surgery was scheduled.

They handled all the paperwork and then called me back to change into a gown and empty my bladder. They started the IV, made sure I didn't need another APTT (blood clotting test since I am on heparin, a blood thinner), and we discussed what will happen in surgery as well as reviewed all my past medical history.

The anesthesiologist came in and we discussed my past surgeries and I told him how hard I come out of general. Normally, I vomit for hours and it takes me forever to wake up. He suggested this other type of anesthesia that had anti-nauseating properties in it. It was safe with pregnancy so that was okay by me.

I asked him about doing general versus a spinal or epidural. He stated that the blood thinners I am on could give spinal or epidural complications. They would be concerned about blood leaking into my spinal cord so he agreed with my OB/GYN that a general was best since it had little affect on my baby, and little risk for me.

Then, about 15 minutes before surgery, a nurse came in and found my little ones heartbeat on the Doppler. They wheeled me into the OR and the doctor took a long time to find the babies heartbeat on the Doppler. The nurse who did it just a few minutes earlier showed him where to look and they found it right away. They started giving me the anesthesia (which burned my wrist really, really bad) and the last thing I remember is the anesthesiologist reminding me that I won't wake up sick!

I remember I went into the OR at noon, and then I remember seeing a clock after waking up and it was 12:45p. The actual procedure was only 15-20 minutes and the rest of the time was prepping me and getting their stuff ready. I woke up feeling groggy but not sick at all! It was wonderful. It took me about 30 minutes to shake most of the groggy feeling and they let me have some water and 7-up.

Once I woke up, they checked for my little ones heartbeat twice and sounded like he/she was holding up good because they found the heartbeat right away and it was strong!

DH came back to visit shortly after I woke up and he told me the doctor was able to get in 2 stitches. They used a round monofilament (fishing line) type of stitch and with 2 in place, I am pretty much set and feeling ok about the use of this type of cerclage.

I did notice some slight spotting yesterday and I am spotting a little today, but I am taking it easy so I can heal. I also think I am feeling the stitch now that I have had some time to rest! The doctor didn't want me on bedrest and I am more comfortable with that decision because I haven't noticed any unusual pain or excessive bleeding. The only restrictions are no heavy lifting, no strenuous exercise, and no intercourse.

Yesterday was also my last day on the progesterone supplements! Now, I just take my baby aspirin, heparin, calcium supplement and pre-natal vitamin. And I go in next week for my follow-up and from there on out, I see the doctor every 2 weeks. He will check my cerclage and make sure it is holding up ok and I am not getting an infection. So things are moving right along!

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