Tristine's Truimph -- Entry Two

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September 29

I am pregnant. I am so scared. I am worried about my reaction to seeing the pregnancy test result. I cannot believe my body just started trembling. I cannot believe I waited 10 minutes and almost forgot I even tested. Does this mean I am not ready for this pregnancy?

I just realized that I am only behind our precious Gabriel's developmental timeline by 2 weeks! I do not know if I can handle being so close to his milestones. I do not want to be stressed out. But what if I lose this one like we lost our Gabe? It has been such a hard journey; I do not think I can be strong to endure such heartache again.

I guess it sure beats being on the exact same timeline as Gabe. Maybe this time, things will be different. Maybe this time, things will work out.

I have to call the doctor on Monday. I don't know when I should tell my hubby. I do not want to disappoint him again by miscarrying.

I will just try to clean my house and not think about it.