Tristine Triumph -- Entry 27

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January 28

I have had great motivation to do my exercises. In fact, the abdominal exercises that were irritating my cervix at first have not caused me any more discomfort. Today I had another physical therapy appointment. I got hooked up to a computer and she watched how I did Kegel exercises. My cancer history has left my pelvic muscles in such a mess. Not only am I missing my tailbone, but also I am missing lots of tissue in my buttocks and I am contending with lots of scar tissue as well.

Once I was all wired up, the therapist had me squeeze and hold my muscles for 10 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds. I did this about 10 times. The graph that was showing my muscles contracting made me laugh. I am so weak. It would spike up and then start to drop immediately. I hope that with practice I can keep that graph level up for the full 10 seconds.

I also hope that these exercises don't hurt my cervix too much. I got home today from my appointment and I just felt all achy. I almost feel as if I had a full workout. I guess this means I should just take it easy for the day.