Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 29

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February 15

I think it helped me to post some of my concerns on the bulletin boards and hear from other women who have gone through a c-section. While the thought of surgery doesn't necessarily scare me, I do not like surgery nonetheless. I asked my husband if he would be able to sit with me during the surgery. He didn't rush out and say "yes" but he also didn't say "no" either. I think it sort of worries him too. I think it might help him if he talked to his dad about sitting in during the cesarean of his youngest siblings. I know I would want my husband there with me. I do not want to go through it alone. But I know we have time to work out the details so I am not going to get too far ahead of myself. It would be better for us to just digest this for a little while longer and then come together and sit down and talk some more.

This week, I found myself thinking more positive thoughts about this pregnancy, which is very good. Feeling my little one move around so much is so comforting to me. When I can push back all my fears and hesitations, I find myself so in love with this little girl who is growing within my womb. I started noticing her habits too. For the most part, she is the most active in early afternoon. I just love sitting back in my recliner and feeling her kick or punch me. I can sometimes feel her move with my hands, but it still is a very rare occurrence.

I have caught myself daydreaming about what she will look like. I wonder what type of foods or activities she will enjoy. I even looked up her horoscope online. She will be a Gemini if she is born on her estimated due date. I don't hold much faith in astrology, but it is a fun tool to daydream with.

Finding a name for this little girl has become more serious for me now. I had a list I made long ago of names I like. I started reviewing the names on my list and running them past my husband. He hasn't really offered me much feedback in regards to his likes or dislikes. He did say that it would be neat if she had a name that was an anagram for another name or a cool phrase. I think he has watched too many episodes of the Lone Gunman. The lead female character uses the name Yves Adele Harlow that is an anagram for Lee Harvey Oswald! His other suggestion was Penny Lane. I can tell it will be a while before we get this name business figured out! Good thing time is still on our side.

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