Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 32

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March 6

I had another doctor appointment today. Today was the day to test for Gestational Diabetes. At my previous appointment, my doctor asked me which flavor of drink I wanted for the test. I have heard stories of the nasty orange drink that plays havoc upon weak stomachs. I made a comment about how it probably doesn't matter which drink I picked since they are gross. My doctor laughed at me and said that they weren't that bad. I asked him "Have you tried either of the drinks?" He was taken aback by my question and replied with a "No.", but he did mention another doctor in the office had tasted the lime one and said it wasn't so bad. I chose the lime-flavored drink because it was clear and didn't look so scary as the bright orange stuff. This morning, I had expected it to upset my empty stomach with the sweetness. I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted much like Lemon-Lime soda. This was perfect for my tummy in the morning.

My early appointment did not guarantee my doctor was on time with his appointments today. He got held up in surgery, which worked out okay because the staff occupied some of that time by scheduling me in for the remaining appointments while I waited. Also, the phlebotomist already knew I was coming in for the test and she was on time. After I was done giving them a blood sample, I went back to the waiting room. I have been so good to bring a book along with me to my appointments to keep me busy while I wait. My doctor joked with a substitute nurse last appointment about my reading habits. He said to her "You can always tell things are okay with Tristine as long as she has a book in her hand."

Today wasn't much different as far as my exams go. Although I did learn that he finally received my old records we had been trying hard to track down for months. He was concerned about my previous surgeries and how they could affect this pregnancy and finally after a few failed attempts, they arrived in his office. I am anxious to look over my records. All I know of my cancer history is from what my mother and father have told me. It was a miracle I had survived the cancer. It is even a greater miracle that I am pregnant and things are going so well that I have a great chance at making it to term with this baby! My family always jokes about how I am good at proving doctors wrong with their prognosis. Here I am again proving to them this time that I can have a baby!