Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 34

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March 19

Since I had those early contractions, I have been taking it easy. My whole belly has been sore to touch but the discomfort has eased up a bit. I have been a little nervous since the contractions because I haven't been able to feel my little one move around the same way she did before. I have been use to feeling little tickles in my belly whether I was sitting, standing, or lying down. Now the tickles are gone and I feel sharp jabs and painful kicks as she moves around. Sometimes I have to lay on my side just to even tell if it really is her moving around.

It has been really difficult for me to just get comfortable. At night, I am getting up every 2 hours to roll over or go to the bathroom. My back has been constantly aching so I tried sleeping with pillows between my knees while hugging another pillow. It helps some and having the rice bag heated up before bedtime helps me fall asleep quickly. During the day, I found my schedule changing as well. I still like sitting in my recliner with my feet up, but I have to move around or go lay down more frequently. I just cannot hold one position for very long. I have 11 weeks to go until this little girl is born so I will just do my best to grin and bare the discomfort.

Since I have been so uncomfortable, I know that it has affected my attitude and I am trying very hard to not be a grouch. Before we headed over to my in-laws last weekend, my husband was trying to tell me something and I was listening, but I guess I didn't sound very enthusiastic about what he had to say. He got mad at me for being "so negative all the time" and stormed off to take a shower. This really crushed me because his anger came out of nowhere from him. When he was done with his shower, he came out and apologized to me. He recognized that I have been uncomfortable and he was sorry he lost patience with me. It was so nice to hear his apology. I made sure I told him how much I appreciated all the work he has done around the house to help me out. I really do not know what I would have done without my husband to help me through this pregnancy.

After our apologies, we headed over to his brother's house to sort through baby clothes. My sister-in-law wanted to get rid of old clothes and offered to hand things down to me. I wasn't expecting so many clothes to sift through. It definitely was a good project for me to do since I could just sit there. I had been so nervous about actually going through the clothes. But then I started thinking about how little time I have left to cherish this pregnancy that I started to get more excited.

We were joking about how I don't like all the pink clothes they make for little girls. Well, I was skipping all the clothes that were pink until I stumbled upon this jumper that was white, peach, and pink. It was a cute style but I was so unsure of the pink. Finally after a couple hours of just thinking about it, I put it in a box for me to take home. I even picked out a pair of pink socks to match. I don't know if I will ever dress my little girl in this outfit, but at least I have one outfit that is pink despite my horrible aversion to the color.

But that wasn't the only surprise this weekend. My mother actually called me to ask when she should plan her visit with us. I am so excited that she is really going to visit us. I told her about the pregnancy about a month ago. She was a little shocked but happy to hear we were doing well. The last time she was going to come out to visit was when we were pregnant with Gabe, but his early delivery changed all our plans. I hope that she is able to spend some quality time with us. It will be the first time she has made a visit since I met my husband over 6 years ago. I need to remember to ask my doctor about a better estimate for our c-section so my mom can plan accordingly.

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