Tristine's Triumph -- Entry 35

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March 27

I finally made it to the 28 weeks! I am so excited to have made it this far. This was the first major milestone that I felt like celebrating. If I were feeling better, I would be dancing around the house! I finally feel like I can start to ease up on the fear and just enjoy the last 11 weeks of this pregnancy. I even went to some yard sales with my mother-in-law and picked out a couple baby things. This is so odd to me because I was so scared these purchases would jinx our pregnancy, but I couldn't resist getting a few more blankets and these cute bear jumper. We are getting so close to the time our little one will be coming home, I just cannot allow myself to spend the final weeks in fear.

At my last doctor's appointment, I had a few new questions to ask. First, I had to ask my doctor for a better estimate for our c-section. He suggested 39 weeks to be safe which would be June 3rd through June 7th and he said to plan for a 3-day stay in the hospital. Secondly, I had to ask about when the stitches come out. I had overlooked this question before and realized how silly it would be to get the stitches out before the surgery. He confirmed that he wouldn't take them out until after the baby arrives. I got my Group B Strep test done last Wednesday too and was told he may want to redo it the closer we get to surgery day. I also confirmed that he still wanted to do an ultrasound even though it will be during the time I start visiting with the other on-call OB/GYN's in the office.

I also had some questions about getting a tubal ligation done at the time of our cesarean. My husband and I have been considering getting my tubes tied for a long time now. We just never could settle on it because we didn't want to lose hope of every experiencing pregnancy. But even though this pregnancy has been successful so far, I have been questioning my strength to go through with all this stress again. The thought of spending another 9 months giving myself injections, taking pills daily, living with the constant fear and making all the doctor visits does not sound appealing to me at all. I just do not think I am strong enough to go through with another pregnancy. Nor do I want to press our luck.

My doctor gave me some information regarding the surgery and asked me to consider some what-if scenarios. I told him that is a fair request and I will consider the options further, but I am pretty much set on the added surgery. He informed me that I could change my mind about the tubal up to the time he snips my tubes so we still have plenty of time to discuss this.

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