Tristine's Triumph Entry Six

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October 4

Well, I went in today and got my blood drawn. They called me with the results. My HCG is fine but my progesterone is low. They want me to come in and pick up some samples of Prometrium, a progesterone supplement. They also want me to come in and get more blood work done on Monday after I have been on the progesterone for a few days.

I asked about the heparin again. They want to wait for a while before starting me on the heparin. I am concerned about this decision because I have heard that starting heparin should be done before getting pregnant. I fear I am jeopardizing my pregnancy by not being on the heparin. Of course, I could be over-reacting, but my doctor and his nurse haven't been too clear to me and I still haven't had an opportunity to sit down with the doctor to ask all my questions. This is so frustrating.

When I heard the results of the progesterone test, I was concerned that they never ran this test on my previous pregnancies. After four losses, I assumed that they would have already run this test. Now that I have had six failed pregnancies, they want me to test? Could this test have saved me from the last 2 losses? Why weren't these tests run before this pregnancy? These will have to be added to my questions for the doctor when I get to see him.