Tristine's Triumph -- Entry Seven

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October 8

I went into the doctor's office today to get another blood draw. I asked the tech if the tests would be rushed like last time since my nurse never mentioned it to me. She said no and then got a little defensive and stated something to the effect that she has other patients to run labs on and she is very busy. Well, that just made me upset when she responded as such.

I came back home and cried and cried. Gosh, won't someone just talk to me please?!?! Won’t someone acknowledge the pain I have endured and just let me know they are at least doing all they can? Won’t someone take the time to acknowledge my fear and answer my questions? My list of questions is growing larger and larger every day!

Thank goodness my family doctor is willing to talk to me. I called another OB-GYN who deals with high-risk patients. I cannot believe I started crying when I explained things to his nurse. But she was understanding and when I asked for her forgiveness for my emotional state, she could understand why I was so upset after enduring six losses. She was very patient with me and was honest in telling me a good time frame of when to expect the doctor to return my call. Unfortunately, he was taking care of a surgery; otherwise I would have been able to talk to him right then.

Taking that nap while I waited to hear from this other OB-GYN was very good for me. The phone call woke me up, but I was able to communicate without crying. I am a bit shocked to his reaction when I mentioned the name of my current OB-GYN. My current OB-GYN has been through four losses with me but knows about the other two losses, an undiagnosed many years ago, and the most recent, which was confirmed by my family doctor. This second opinion OB-GYN told me that I have a very capable OB-GYN. And he was surprised that I would have a complaint with his office or him. The second opinion OB-GYN suggested I try to arrange a meeting with my current OB-GYN to discuss all of my concerns.

This was a good plan for me seeing how all the specialist's and my family doctor's office staff recommends my current OB/GYN. He does have a good track record with the cerclage. And this second opinion seemed hesitate to start me on the heparin at all. Maybe my OB/GYN will know a better way to treat the Lupus Anticoagulant?

I just have to force a meeting with my OB/GYN. I am writing out a list of questions and I will fax them to his office. He cannot avoid me if I present him with all the questions I have.