Tristine's Triumph -- Entry Eight

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October 9

Well, I got a call from the OB/GYN's office and they said I should come in tomorrow to meet with the doctor! Ahh....finally....a chance to get my questions answered.

Hopefully, my other lab results will be back and we can find more about getting started on the heparin. I better review my questions and make sure I ask everything that I have thought of.

My husband thinks I am freaking out for nothing. He would. He is a man. He doesn't feel betrayed by his body. He doesn't feel like it was his body that killed our babies.

I know this sounds a bit irrational, but when all I have to explain our losses is rotten luck, it is just too hard to take.

Am I really that unlucky? After finding out the low progesterone results, I know there is something going on more then just rotten luck.