I have made my decision to have another baby! I am very excited and looking forward to start trying. I am a little nervous but i think that is normal. I had to have a C-Section with my first daughter and I was not a fan! But i am jsut hopeing because that C-Section was not planed that it made it even harder. But I still remember the day that I got to take little Hayden Ashley home, the most perfect day! Seeing her little hands and feet was amazing, seeing her today is just crazy! She is three years old and just full of life! I do think about giving her the best gift that i can a little brother or sister that she can play with. I know my brother and sisters have changed me in may different ways for the better!

I remember being pregnant and saying "I will never go through this again!". how ever even though I remember that day in my head I can not think of one reason not to have another baby! I have the greatest man in my life who has already proven to be the best father that i know! He is smart funny and i can not forget good looking! But you know I know that this is the man that i will be with for the rest of my life and I want for us to have all of the joys that we can, including having children! Well wish me luck!