Trying to conceive

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i'm 29 years old married women. my husband 31 years old. we married in january 2011, from march we trying to conceive.this month also i got my periods. like we had try to conceive 2 months till now. January and February i took ocps. but i did not take full course of that due to side effects.i got nousia and dizziness at that period. so both months i stoped taking pills before completing the course. it's like i took it for too weeks.when i stoped taking pills withing 2-3day i got my periods.
then after i got period in 1st of march we decided to make a baby.
i got my periods 3rd april and now for 5th may. i'm worry about that since 2 months we r trying to conceive and we had intercourse everyday why we couldnt make it still. please be kind enough to give me a advice about that.if there any side effects that i stoped ocps with out completing the course, i did it twice?