Trying to conceive day by day

I've decided to start writing in this blog to help me get through the TWW, and vent about any symptoms, BDing, or other news I have to share.

Welcome to my first entry

CD 24: I'm going to start of by saying these blogs may be random and not make much sense, but like I said early it's my stomping ground where I can vent, laugh, cry, celebrate, or anything else! So I thought I may have O'd around the 11th or 12th of this month, which would have put me at CD 15/16 BUT CD 22 and CD 23 I say EWCM. Which is mainly the sign of ovulation, or the LH surge which means AF could be rearing her ugly head my way any day now. DH and I BDed 9 times this cycle so far, every other day from CD 8 till CD 20 and a two more random times since then. This is the first time we've actually kept to a 'strict' schedule and didn't let any days slip by. I'm not charting anything but CM occasionally. I was guessing my cycle would be about 29 days which would put me testing this saturday, but if I O'd last night I guess my cycle will be longer. I'm thinking about testing when I get home, even though I should only be 9DPO, but I have enough tests, so maybe I'll take the chance!

My Symptoms: Sore breasts from CD 15 until now, slight cramping over the past two days. One day of extreme gasiness, and that's about it.

I've convinced myself I'm pregnant because if ny sore breasts...So needless to say when I finally do get AF it'll be a big disappointment. That's all for today.