Trying to conceive-Having Preg. symptoms?

A Quick Overview of my History with Trying
I have been trying to get pregnant for just over 3 years now. The first time I got preg. it took me 3 years of constant trying to finally get pregnant. It was hard and very stressful on both my hubby and I. At that time, I didn't keep track of my symptoms on a day to day basis, I did not do any temp. readings or keep track of ovulation because I didn't think it would happen and I tried to pass off every symptom as getting sick or just a fluke, or something I ate. When I finally noticed I was throwing up every day and that I had missed my period by about a month, It was too late to remember all the symptoms I had early on. I had to guess my last period date because I stopped keeping track of that too after a year of constant trying with no luck. Neither my hubby or I have any fertility problems. I have been trying again for going on my 4th year now. All of my hubby's brothers are completely fertile but for some reason, they have all only been able to get their wives pregnant every 3 going on 4 years, even with constant unprotected sex and no birth control. Hereditary maybe? Over the last 2 weeks I have not felt like myself. Here is a list of how I have felt and the symptoms I have been getting over the last 14 days. They are common in early pregnancy and I am so nervous thinking it's just another fluke symptom or that I'm trying to fight off a sickness that I'm trying to get.

The last Few Weeks-What I'm Experiencing

***FEB.21- I developed a moderate red rash on my right arm. Tiny lil' red bumps with dry red patches. I thought it was a skin allergy but it did not go away! I've never had an allergic reaction that lasted more than 20 minutes past coming into contact with soap/detergent etc. SO that rules that out. I did however, experience something like this with my first pregnancy.
***FEB.22-Got mild acne on my face which usually only happens when AF is due but, she was not due for another 2 weeks, not to mention, I got light acne on my thigh. I have NEVER ever had acne anywhere else except my face! Strange. A few hours later I noticed a slight headache.
***FEB.23-The rash disappeared and I felt nausea on and off all day without vomiting. I started feeling fatigued mid-day and light headed by night fall.
***FEB.24-Rash reappeared, nausea got worse but no vomiting, mild hot flashes, fatigue worsened, still light headed, poor appetite.
***FEB.25-Bed ridden. Slept for 17 hours, and woke up feeling nausea, still no vomiting. Light headed, headache(mild), rash disappeared again, poor appetite.
***FEB.26-Felt much better, appetite a little better, but I vomited 3 times, heartburn.
***FEB.27-Original Symptoms disappear completely but constipation arises.
***FEB.28-Mild headache a few times throughout the day, appetite almost back to normal, nausea, Boobs suddenly sore, fatigue hits again out of nowhere, constipation gets a little worse, feel bloated and full even when I haven't eaten (like abdomen is stretching), mild cramps by end of day, legs a little numb and crampy, heartburn. Took preg. test but came up neg.
***MAR.1-Same symptoms, breast soreness worsens, feeling butterflies and tickle in abdomen, hot flashes come back, heartburn lasts much longer and more intense, vomited once, nausea, bed-ridden by early evening.
***MAR.2-Same symptoms as day before. AF is expected tomorrow but I have never gotten sore boobs or cramps before my period. It always hits unexpectedly with no warning except for feeling "wet" like I peed myself and didn't know it at first. The only time I ever felt this way was when I was pregnant with my first. Could I be preg. but just took the test too early? It took almost 2 months to show up positive with my first preg!
***MAR.3-Same symptoms as usual but no AF! Urinating more frequently, unusually happy. Hubby notices mood changes as being odd for me as I have bi-polar and am usually always moody but I have been happy like I'm on top of the world for the last few days even though I feel sick. Threw up again.
***MAR.4-Same symptoms but no nausea, boobs feeling even more sore, constipation worsens, fatigued, Still no AF! Appetite increases, on and off heatburn and headaches, hot flashes every other hour lasting about 5 minutes or less, mild cramping on and off, abdominal "butterflies" and stretchy feeling all day, peeing even more, slept almost the entire time hubby was off work and he asked if I may be pregnant and if AF was late.
***MAR.5-Same symptoms as yesterday, hubby asked if AF came today and she still has not shown her ugly little face. Now I am getting in that mood where I feel extremely happy thinking "This could be it", then worried thinking "Oh, I hope this isn't a false alarm!", and moody thinking about how mad I'll be if my body is just playing another cruel joke on me. I need to stop thinking about it. The last time I just forgot, I finally ended up preg.
***MAR.6-Same symptoms, still no AF!
***MAR.7-Same symptoms but a little easier so far. Still no AF and cramping a little thinking I may just be leading up to AF and that my body suddenly decided to start having PMS symptoms for the first time. Hubby a little excited that AF is 4 days late but worried that it may be a fluke because he is also experiencing moodiness due to this. He really wants a baby and it's driving him crazy! We can't even watch a movie with a pregnant couple without him turning it off and getting manly mood swings. He's even started to be moody around other dads (don't think he realizes it) and doesn't want to be around his new baby cousin or his brother's preg. wife.
SCARED TO TEST! My first pregnancy caused alot of anxiety because I went through 17 tests and they all came up neg., even after AF was missed by 3 weeks! Didn't show up on the test til' 6 weeks along or so, and I don't want to get another neg. and get so stressed that I cause a problem if I am actually preg. but, it is also sressing me not knowing! ahhh!

I don't think it is imaginary because I have not even thought about being pregnant at all this month because I just started to give up on it ever happening again about 3 months ago. Oddly enough, I obsessed over it before I got preg. the first time, and as soon as I gave up on caring and accepted the idea that I must be infertile, It finally happended! Funny how that happens for a lot of couples having trouble. It must have been my stress causing the problem? Maybe that's what's happening this time? I dunno yet.