TTC again

Well.. my boyfriend and I have been TTC this month following my chemical pregnancy. I have never tracked my ovulation, but I'm pretty regular with AF and she hasn't showed up yet. Two days ago I was extremely sad - for no reason - so I assumed she'd be here by now. My emotions always go nuts right before I start. When I google things about chemical pregnancies (something I spend way too much time doing), most people return to their cycle just like they had had a "period" with their chemical. If I tracked mine that way, I should have started last week. I told myself that if I thought I was pregnant again, I wouldn't take a test because I didn't want to know if I had another chemical pregnancy. But this in limbo thing sucks. So, I had a Clear Blue Easy Digital in my car.. I brought it in, peed on it (an old pro at that now) and waited. It flashed it's hourglass for a while...and then went blank. Didn't tell me squat. Fantastic. However, I'm not even sure I'd believe it if it said positive. I'd think it's left over HCG levels from earlier. However, I had fallen almost 200 points in two days - I was sitting at a 187 over four weeks ago, so I assume when I finished bleeding they had fallen back to normal. I want to go get another one, but I have to do it in secret because I don't want to 1. get anyones hopes up and 2. catch hell for taking another one and possibly getting excited. I haven't gotten a whole lot of support except my from boyfriends mom - she was sooo happy when I told her the first time. I still think everyone thinks it was no big deal. I only knew for a few days that I was pregnant before I started bleeding, so I had no time to become "attached". Yeah, whatever.
My breasts have been hurting the past week, not as bad as when I knew I was pregnant, they were extremely tender then, but more than normal. I don't get sore breasts when my period is coming, so I just really don't know what's going on. I'm going to make an appointment (with another doctor) tomorrow. I'm not sure what that will do, but atleast I can get in there and tell them what's going on from the beginning.
Everyone around me is pregnant. A few people that I don't really keep up with - but still follow on Facebook are pregnant and post their ultrasound pics and baby growth chart every friggin week. They already all have kids. None of their pregnancies have been complicated except for ONE of them had morning sickness. I want to wring their necks when they complain about it. I'd give anything to have morning sickness and know it's because I have a baby growing inside me. I want to post something crappy on FB , but my family doesn't know I was pregnant and more than likely wouldn't approve, so I can't. Isn't that some crap? I'm almost 30 and can't say what I want for fear of someone seeing. I don't think they'd approve because we aren't married. We HAVE set a date, however - May 19th, yay! I still don't have a ring, he says he wants to propose "right" and with a ring. We are doing this completely backwards. Baby, marriage, ring? haha. Man my life is such a mess.