TTC month 2

Well This is the beginning of my second TTC month/cucle. Last month I learned how to chart my cycle, use my BBT & tempature to help determine ovulation, and research times of fertility. This month I am taking all my learned/gathered information into practice. I began to use fertilityaid supplements and prenantal vitamins this past weekend. Should I be taking both supplements or just one supplement at a time? I stopped taking any medications that are not safe to take while pregnant and I am buying books, budgeting and so forth.

I am preparing myself mentally/emotionally for the test result roller coaster and I am managing my excitement about my new TTC stage. I fell in love with names (boys & girls) that I will use, as well as space saving furniture to purchase since my apartment is small. Nevertheless I struggle with maintaing my stress level due to work, and interactions with specific people. My mood swings so quickly and now I can't determine how long my present emotion will last before a new one emerges. My therapist thinks I should take mood stabelizers, but I need to research the safety risk for pregnancy first.