ttc stories inspired me...

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So reading ttc stories makes me wanna write down possible Symptoms. Right now Im feeling depressed and kinda lonely and just got a BFN ): but if I am prego then it's like only 5 dpo which is super early. The earliest I've heard of slightly successful testing is 8 dpo. Anywho: Here's what I think so far:

1-2dpo Not much, perhaps gassy
3-4 dpo bb's bigger?? a little bit sore but nothing to write home about. Unexplainable feelings of joy and happiness(which are weird for me. Not that Im depressed all the time, but nothing seemed to be able to dampen my mood. I kept laughing at things, giggling even. And it wasn't excitement or anything in particular. *Shrugs* REALLY hungry one night, just felt the need to go and eat and eat and eat.
5 dpo mild cramping in lower area, feels like it's in my uterus area but who knows? Could of been that burrito Blum 3 Kinda feels like AF is coming early tho cuz I also have sore pubic hair. Tested today because I felt like it and got a BFN, DUH right? Who gets a BFP at 5 dpo? Feeling lonely and pretty dang depressed today. Don't know if it's cuz Im prego or cuz Im just actually sad about not being able to continue college and also because I feel lonely and miss friends and companionship. Husbands been busy and one close friend wasn't talking to me when I skyped him.