TTC update

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So, its been a few weeks since we decided to try to get "with child". I abruptly ended my BC 2 weeks early.. I had a week of bleeding.. no clue what that was about..then i saw some mucus i thought was ovulation mucus so we made it a point to attempt fertilization that night.. a couple days later I then bought an ovulation testing kit and the day i started it, it said i was about to or in the process of ovulating... then the next day when i tested again the indicator strip on the test turned the darkest it could turn..looked like someone took a marker to it.. then yesterday I had cramps. And today I had the ovulation mucus discharge.. we've made whoopi the past 3 nights in a row so i hope that last night's escapades pay off and we don't need to do it again tonight.. The pressure i've put on my hubby to perform is horrible. I feel so guilty like i'm raping him or something. Its crazy. I feel guilty for asking for some intimate time. He suffers from severe PTSD and diminished drive is a syptom of it and so its trying for him to get into the mood. But yeah, its just been stressful on me, we've discussed how women become a mom when she find out she's pregnant and a man becomes a father when he sees his child for the first time. so stress abounds.