Unexpected beginnings

Like most pregnancy's out there mine starts with a new relationship, and a low dosage birth control. To be completely honest, I didn't think my boyfriend and I were going to last much longer.

I suspected a pregnancy when my breast's became extremely tender, and my nipples even more so. I didn't hide my suspicions from my boyfriend, and that night we went out and bought a pregnancy test. It was the Clearblue 2-pack. The test results showed a negative so I put the second test aside and the whole subject to the back of my mind.

A week or so later my cousin came to town because I had been feeling rather emotional and needed some support. I just moved here, and am quite lonely for my family and friends. My breast's were still showing pain to the touch, so while she was checking her Facebook I went for my morning pee. I decided "Hey, why not just try this to make sure, and be done with it" within seconds the test showed positive. I started to panic slightly and gave a call to my cousin. I walked out to the living room on the verge of tears and at the sight of her did just that. I was feeling everything a new mom to be was feeling. Excited, Scared, Nervous, and it was taking everything inside her not to jump up and down with excitement.

We told my family that day, and my boyfriend. They all took it incredibly well, and are all very happy and excited. It is hard to believe how much support I have from all of them. I am 21, which is not old, and yet not young, so breaking the news to them that I was another un-wed/pregnant girl of my generation was pretty scary.
My boyfriends family on the other hand didn't take it so great. His mother had no problem showing her displeasure and denial. You would figure because he is her youngest at 29 years old she wouldn't act so above us, but she did. She wanted him to make sure I wouldn't tell anyone until a doctor had seen me and it was in fact a "real pregnancy". His dad, and brother however are supportive, and happy for us. They can't wait to be a Grandfather, and Uncle.

I'm not far along, I'm not even sure how far along I am. I've taken a total of 3 pregnancy at home test's. The earlier one was a negative, and the two later one's both positive. I had my blood work done by a doctor and that test also came back positive. An ultrasound is now pending.

The more I think about becoming a mom the more excited, happy, and nervous I feel. Everything happens for a reason and this is one of those life changing events' that can be nothing but good. My boyfriend is just as happy as I am, and expresses' his excitement minute-ly I swear. We are going to work together to over come the complications we have in our relationship because trying is the best step not only for us but for our child aswell.

Until next time