Visit to Ultrasound School

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Yesterday, Feb. 20th, I went to my appointment at the Ultrasound School in Ontario. It was an hour long appointment where I got to watch my lil peanut. It was an amazing experience! I've had ultrasounds through my Dr. a few times before, but nothing like this. I was able to watch my lil one for an hour while the student and her instructor took different measurements, looked at the baby from all different angels, took a few still shots for me, and searched to determine gender. They are unable to diagnose or give you "for sure" answers, in order to protect themselves, which is understandable.
My lil peanut loves to snuggle up on my left hip, transverse and breech. When I'm laying on my back, the baby is sitting, bottom on my spine, and the head up towards my skin. Peanut sits in a V position, feet up by the head, which looks pretty uncomfortable but Peanut loves it! :) It is also very active. My appointment was at 10am and the baby was wiggling, squirming, and moving all around. After an hour of looking, they said it looks like a girl (and no boy parts were found), but "they can't say for sure". Peanut kept opening, closing, crossing, and moving its legs so getting a good look was difficult. In order to determine sex, they look for a penis (male) or three distinct lines between the legs, which show the vagina (female). The student and instructor said they saw the lines two different times, but were unable to get a still shot because the baby was moving. So, we'll just have to wait until my 2nd trimester ultrasound on Thursday to know for sure! I'm trying not to get too excited until it is confirmed! I hope it is a girl, but all I really pray for is a healthy baby! :)