Vitamin-B stopped my morning sickness!

The first couple of weeks since I found out I was pregnant were horrendous. I was fine until I found out but as soon as I knew, I started feeling sick! Not just in the morning - all of the time! There were days when I couldn't even get out of bed (apart from to be sick!) That is until I started taking vitamin-b! I read that it can help nausea so I thought i'd give it a go. I found that the best way to aleviate my sickness was if I took it at night, that way i've been waking up feeling fine! Smile I still feel sick whenever i've eaten a meal but it's significantly less!

I have however been over emotional I feel... I saw a picture of a lost cat on a lamp post and broke down. Usually it would upset me but not to the point where I need to sit down!

I've been trying really hard not to look at baby clothes yet incase something goes wrong because it would make things so much harder but it's SO tempting! I saw some tiny size 1 trainers in a shop window today and couldn't help getting all excited!! I'm still terrified that my little baby is going to be taken away from me. I don't believe in god but i've started praying. I know how hard bringing up this child while i'm at university is going to be but i'll give it so much. Me and my mother are becoming closer but I didn't feel like I had a mother during childhood. Even when friends died I didn't even get a hug... but it's made me even more determined to give this child the love it deserves and hope it NEVER has to feel the way I have. My fiance is here too and I have every faith in him as a Dad.

Wish me luck! Smile