Waiting for an appointment

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After waiting impatiently to see a positive test I now have to wait impatiently for my first visit to the doctor. The receptionist was right about testing positive so early...it is going to make for a long pregnancy! I'll be almost 8 weeks before they will see me. That's a month from now.

It's funny that I thought I was becoming a much more patient person. But those 2 lines are proving me wrong.

So, I sit and twirl my thumbs for a few weeks...hang in there little poppy seed. I'm going to talk you through all of this in hopes that I don't lose my mind.


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Hi.. I am experiencing the same thing.. We tested 3 days after my cycle didn't start. And now have to wait until 4/15 for my first appointment just about 8-9 weeks.

I thought I was a patient person, too!

Hang in there!

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I totally know how you feel!!! I want all the fun stuff to hurry up and get here!!!!

I'm having to wait a month too Sad My appointment is April 2nd and I found out Feb 28th so I was only like a month along and they told me I had to wait until I was between 8 and and 10 weeks along. Thankfully it's almost here!!

Hope things are going well for you

Take Care

I am in the same boat. I talked to the doctors office and I cannot go until the end of this month. It is driving me crazy.

This will be my first and I am scared of doing anything in the next month that might not be good for the baby. Besides the obvious. I mean the day to day things that are never talked about.

So I feel your pain.

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Me too!! I found out March 25th that I was pregnant, and now I have to wait until April 15. I know it's getting closer, I just want it to get here already!!