Waiting more

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Well, Im waiting-since I got my period early this month and hopefully O'd-to see if I got pregnant or not. Im at least glad to have my period back. False Unicorn really helped get my uterus back into shape. It's like, if anything goes wrong down there, I take FUR and tada! Im okay in a few days or so. So yeah. Back to normal as far as I know. Dunno if I O'd or not. Hopefully. I don't wanna get my hopes up but how can I not? If Im pregnant, I would actually find out about the same time as my birthday! I REALLY want that as a bday present! But, I may not. And I know I'll be sad if Im not. But at least I have my period back to what I see as normal. And that is really great. I just really want a kid (: I hope Im a good mom!

Also: Thoughts about baby showers.
I missed one I was invited to. I doubt they missed me anyways tho. And, I realize, I don't just want a bunch of people at my baby shower. I want people who CARE who want to be a part of my life and part of my kids lives. So I want to do an open invitation. Just send a general message to everyone on fb to say, Here's the event. It'll be at this place at this time if you come, bring a dish of food. (: Im guessing my mom or nana-who will want to throw me the shower-won't like that idea. I wonder how I can handle it. Or perhaps I should just have a family baby shower? Just celebrate with those closest to me and forget the rest? I dunno. I know I was sadened when Harley didn't invite me to her shower. So...We shall see.