Waiting Welton's

Today was a big day...
Today started off as a normal day off of work. Throughout the day I was mostly relaxed. This evening we went to meet our new doctor. Dr. Conter has been my fiancée's doctor for a long time, and after I met him, I knew he would be the right doctor to help us welcome our new bundle of joy into this world. He is very personable, and approachable.
We tried to hear our baby's little heartbeat during the visit, however it is still too early at this point to hear it as we are only 11 and a half weeks and his or her tiny heart is still too small to hear distinctively. We were however able to hear the sounds of a health placenta doing it's job. I can't wait until the next appointment in about a month, Dr. Conter said we should be able to hear it for sure then.

After the appointment we went over to my parents house, for a wedding gown fitting; as my mom is making my dress. My mom and I discussed many things while my fiancée waited downstairs. My mom has been anxiously keeping our secret for close to a month, and she is just as excited to share the news. But before she could do that, she wanted me to call my Grandmother to personally inform her she is going to be a Great-Grandmother (GG) again.
I was not expecting it to be so difficult to tell her, but as we have always had a close bond (being the only daughter of her only daughter) and knowing that she has strong religious view, it took almost the same energy that it had taken to tell my parents that we were expecting. She did say that "she would have hoped that we would have waited, but that she was happy that we would be married before the baby arrived", this did not surprise me as she is very "old school" when it comes to such matters and even though I have another cousin that has 2 children out of wedlock, I knew somehow that she'd hoped better for me.
I also called my Godmother, we have always called her "Auntie Pat", she is my mother's best friend since they were 5 years old! She was so happy for us, and delighted that my mom would soon too be a Grandmother. She was so supportive and although she is 3 provinces away, I could feel her love from here.
I also called my Auntie Linda, my Dad's sister. She lives here locally, the only of his 3 siblings that does' and as my Grandmother on my paternal side is deceased, she is the "matriarch" in that side of the family. She too was very pleased for us and asked how I was doing with my pregnancy and anything she could do to help us.
As we prepared to leave my parent's house, I thought all my "important" phone calls were done; then my mom reminded me that I should call Fr. Thorne (a close family friend, that was also going to be performing our wedding ceremony).

So it is with all these events, and thoughts stirring through my head, that I woke up early this morning, like 3am early! I thought it best to put these thoughts to paper so that maybe I might be able to get a bit more rest this morning. Because today, I have to keep on the hunt for my pocket tape recorder. I want it before we go back to our next prenatal visit. I want to be able to record the baby's heartbeat in utero, the first time we hear it. I'm hoping to use the recording to lift my spirits when I am having a bad day, or just need a boost in spirits, or a reminder what this is all about. I also want to use the recording in a teddy bear, our son or daughter's first teddy bear, one that when squeezed, with have the familiar sound of being inside mommy's belly; and a keepsake of our 9 month journey.