Waiting Welton's

Today we went to the hospital to have a second ultra-sound and some blood work done. My fiancée made plans to go into work late, again, so that he could be present for the fascinating "picture show". There was lots of questions and paperwork, and Kris really wasn't thrilled with sitting through all of that, but as soon as they put the jelly on my belly he was in a trance. He stared at the monitor, waiting for the "show" to start. When the ultra-sound machine touched my belly, there was a quick arm movement from baby. Kris got up from his chair and crossed the room, responding to "the baby's wave", and Kris began to wave back at the computer monitor, as if the baby could somehow see him (like on Skype).
We were there enthralled for more then half an hour, as the technician looked at different angles, taking inventory of arms, hands, legs, feet, stomach, bladder... Then she took some measurement of length and differences between particular anatomical features.
As she completed these tests, baby Welton was moving all around. He/ she just couldn't sit still! A couple times the technician would ask me to cough in order to elicit a response from what I lovingly call "our little sea monkey", as to try to get a better image of particular features. There was a couple instances that the sea monkey seemed to be playing with us, just as the technician would go to take a digital image of them, he/ she would turn over. Kristian said " He's mooning us"...(Kris is hopping for a boy!). He even move transversely across my belly, at one point being on the right hand side and moving to my left pelvic region. It was both fascinating and entertaining to watch.
Once the tests were all complete, and all the images were collected, they took a special image just for us, then they printed it off, so that we could have our first baby picture! "Our little sea monkey" has stolen our hearts and were not going to want them back any time soon. The technician also told us that all of the test appear to be in the "normal" range thus far, and barring any "abnormalities" in our blood work (higher then normal levels), we wouldn't go back again for another 8 weeks. By the time we see "our little sea monkey" again, we will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Welton; hence the name of this blog: Waiting Welton's.