Waiting Welton's

Today is Sunday, on Wednesday I thought I had a doctor's appointment. It turned out that it was supposed to have been on Tuesday; and I missed it! This made me really disappointed because we were told by Dr. C at last month's visit (when we couldn't find our baby's heartbeat) that we would definitely be able to hear it this time... I actually began to cry when the receptionist told me that Dr. C wasn't in and that I would have to reschedule our appointment.
This may sound all a bit strange to the outsider, but here I am at 16 weeks, or 4 months pregnant and have had very little indication that I am pregnant! I had no morning sickness; I look bloated, but not really pregnant; and I can't defiantly say that I have felt my little "sea monkey" move yet... I just wanted a little bit of reassurance that we are both doing fine... so I cried!
My fiancé (soon to be my husband!), did his best to console me but I had built up this expectation in my mind and was just plain old disappointed when it didn't happen.
That night I set out on a quest to find myself a fetal Doppler monitor, which I actually had a great deal of difficulty locating. The following day I did make a new appointment, however it was not with Dr.c and my fiancé could not be there as he had to work (and up until now he has been at EVERY appointment with me). I was disappointed that he couldn't be there but due to summer vacation, Dr.c would not be available for another 2 weeks, and I couldn't risk not hearing that reassuring sound for another 2 weeks!
So I went to this appointment, on Friday, with an unfamiliar doctor and she seemed surprised that I was there for a 4 month prenatal visit. Apparently, according to her there was nothing in my file to indicate that I was even pregnant!... but that really didn't concern me as much as when she asked who was delivering me and I responded Dr.C and she quickly told me that he doesn't do deliveries!... now I knew she was a crazy old bat, because Dr.C had told me directly that he would be delivering me. Either way, we continued the appointment and she felt around my belly, and told me that I had a healthy little belly developing... a sigh of relief. Then she went to get the Doppler machine. when she returned I had retrieved the recorder from my bag, and asked if I could record the heartbeat. She had no concern with this and once she located the nice strong heartbeat I recorded it.
Not only was I given reassurance, but now I had some tangible proof whenever I needed to ease my mind and I could share this special time with friends and family. On the way home I went to my fiancé's and mother's place of work, so that I could share this beautiful sound! My mom, tried to memorize it by treating it like a melody. Kristian was pleased to hear it and have that reassurance too, but then he told me that it sounded like a model train...
Over the last two days, I have been sharing the most beautiful sound in the world with co-workers, family, friends and myself at almost every opportunity!

I did later find a fetal heartbeat monitor, same as the home-Doppler monitor, at a shop in an outskirt community from our big city. I did purchase it. Unfortunately I still can't hear the heartbeat with this new monitor, however as the baby gets a bit bigger (late in the second trimester) this product claims that I will be able to hear heartbeat, hiccups, and fetal kicks... and I will be able to record them onto the computer to be able to share with friends and family near and far... I can't wait to meet this little one, and get to know them better before they actually get here!