Waiting Welton's

We got married. On Saturday September 4th 2010. It almost didn't happen. first of all... the day before was a VERY busy one. There was lots of running around, driving here and there, picking things up, ferrying out of town guests around, and just plain trying to get ready for the wedding. After the running around seemed to be done for the day, I got a manicure and then headed to the church for the rehearsal. Then off to the rehearsal party and then my soon to be husband decided that he 'needed" to go shopping for new underthings, to ware with his tux.
So off to WalMart at 10pm, the day before the wedding. At this point I am getting quite tired and suddenly there was a sharp pang in my lower abdomen. I had never felt that pang before be seemed to receive comfort from sitting down. I did tell my so to be husband about it, and we quickly finished our shopping escapade. He dropped me off to spend the night at my parents place (being the night before the wedding and all). As he dropped me off, he told me that he was concerned about the pang and wanted me to get some rest, he also told me that if it came back I should call him and he'd take me to the hospital. I waited for him to leave and then confided in my parents that I had in fact felt the pang again, three times in a one hour period. Mom suggested that I phone the health-hotline, a non-emergency phone line that is staffed by RNs for free medical advice. I spoke the the RN on the phone and she told me that it was not an emergent situation, and that if it was 11 am she would send me to a walk-in clinic; however, since it was now 11 pm and options were limited, she recommended that I head to the maternity hospital to get checked out.
My dad and I headed to the hospital and arrived within the half hour or so. Unfortunately, we chose the wrong entrance, we accidentally went to the children's emergency. The nurse and security managed to find a big children's wheelchair and escorted us upstairs via a series of long corridors and elevator trips. As I was going through an admitting process, I was told that I was going up to the "Preterm delivery ward", that's when I started to panic... I could not have a baby today, I was getting married tomorrow!
There was a bit of confusion, as I was under the understanding from my doctor (family practitioner and the doctor that will deliver me) that I was 20 weeks on Friday. According to the hospital's calculations I was not 20 weeks until Saturday... as it is there policy to send women less then 20 week sto the regular hospital this posed a bit of a problem. Because of this policy we had to wait until after midnight before they could call the doctor to come see me. So once the clock struck 12 we were able to start to get some answers. The doctors were kind and understanding of my situation, they ran all necessary tests. It wasn't until they did a sonogram and I could hear baby's heartbeat again, that I began to relax. Then I knew that baby was alright; but by then my blood pressure was quite elevated.

One thing that I have yet to mention, that Friday had been busier then expected as there was a hurricane barreling towards our city in the week or so that lead up to the wedding. It was expected to hit us the day of the wedding. So, because of hurricane EARL, lots of errands that were originally planned for Saturday were creatively crammed into the day on Friday.

This worry also lead to my blood pressure being elevated, and my stress level being higher then usual. So as I sat there, the doctor reassured me that the pang I had felt was normal part of pregnancy... "round ligament pain", as the hip joints prepare to carry an infant later in pregnancy.

My dad and I returned home from the hospital by 1am, exhausted. Just in time to get a bit of rest before the "big day". What an ordeal! Guess baby wanted to be part of the excitement that day too...

(Oh, and FYI, had there been something of concern, a problem, or an actually preterm deliver, I would have gotten my day to call my so to be husband... I didn't want to keep him from the truth, but I also didn't want him to worry unnecessarily about it. And I did share the whole story with him after the wedding... he said that he'd been up all night- somehow he knew that something wasn't right with me and he also told me that he had to fight the urge to go to the hospital looking for me, that night!)