Way Too Much at Once!

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The last few days I have really started thinking about my husband leaving. It is crazy, because you feel guilty letting yourself get carried away with thoughts of being alone. You think, I'm not the only one, or others have it worse out there...but the truth is, we all live our own battles, and trying to shove it away is only making it worse on myself.
I am really struggling with how I will deal with his leaving. I can't get too upset or stressed- that's not good for the baby. Plus, we have so much to get done before he goes...We have to move our stuff into storage, clean and paint the house, and I have to take on the 15 hour drive back home. I won't have time to try to process him leaving!
We lost a baby before, so this pregnancy is really important to my husband. He really struggled with the miscarriage, and he's sooooo excited for this baby. I am really wondering how he will deal with being away, not being able to come to appointments or feel his baby kicking...This is going to be a really hard time in our lives. Our first deployment coupled with our first baby! We always joked that God would give us another chance, but it wouldn't be easy...man, we were right!!
But it is a good thing that the baby will only be a month old when my husband gets home. Unlike other guys you know, who don't meet their baby until it's 6 months old...Think of all he missed! When you think of it that way, youo realize you don't have it all that bad.