We caught the egg!

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It's official! We caught the egg during last months ovulation! I was shocked to see the 2 very distinct lines on the pregnancy test Wedneaday morning. I had had some brown spotting that started Tuesday and carried over into Wednesday, so I assumed it was AF starting up again. But, I just seemed to have this gut feeling that I was in fact pregnant, which surprised me since I was not counting on getting preggo again so soon after the m/c. So, I ended up testing on Wednesday morning and both lines showed up right away! I got a really bad migraine later on that day, so I made DH go out and buy a digital HPT just to confirm the first test. I tested with the digital on Thursday morning and in less than a minute it came up preggo! I called my OB and had an appointment this afternoon for a confirmation test. I was nervous while waiting for the results, thinking they might come back and tell me it was negative, like I did the tests at home wrong or something. But, it was positive! I spoke with my doctor about concerns I had with performing my job (I am a Surgical Nurse for animals) and he told me I could continue to do my job with the exception of lifting dogs 25 pounds and under only, no x-rays and no contact with aggressive animals. He wrote up a letter of restrictions for me and said he will revise the letter as the pregnancy progresses. I have my prenatal physical on May 15 and will hopefully have an ultrasound too, but I will only be 6 1/2 weeks by then.

So, here I am, 2 months post m/c and pregnant again already. I can't believe it... I can't believe I get to start the journey again so soon after it ended. I'll be crossing my fingers (and toes) and holding my breath until we make it past 8 weeks and we see that hearbeat!