Week 11-I want to know more!!

I am 11 Weeks today and time doesnt seem to be going by fast enough!
I have my second doctor's appoitnemnt tomorrow, but they are just mmeasuring and weighting. I can wait until April when i get to find out the babys gender, i want to know so i cab start my registry and my mom can start thinking about the baby shower. Besides the morning sickness and the painful ligaments streching on my belly, i can really "feel" pregnant. My husband and i keep wondering when we are finally going to start feeling our baby!
i know is still a little bit too soon, so we settle by talking and signing to the baby Smile
I believe that once we can feel the baby and know what the gender, the wait will be a little bit more bearable.
well, good luck to all you mommies to be and God bless!!